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All the text on this site is written by Frank and Rene de Vries, Hilda (=Hilder) and Rose Anami.

The article about Free Education in Kenya is written by DaniŽlla van 't Erve, published in Het Onderwijsblad, 6 September 2003, the magazine of the Dutch Teachers Union AOb.



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Who Are We

Board members of the Foundation Ukunda Schools Project:

Janet van Wegen
Chair holder foundation
Contact person for Mwamanga Primary School

Corine Kapenga
Secretary foundation

Ruud Fidder
Treasurer foundation

Anja Kapenga
Board - member foundation

Rene de Vries
Board - member foundation
Project Manager Mvindeni Primary School
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Volunteers of the Foundation Ukunda Schools Project:

Rose Anami
Field manager 

Rose Anami is our main contact person in Ukunda, Kenya.


Aldert Glas will assist us in every way he can. He is willing to do performances on Dutch schools.


Frank de Vries (The Netherlands, born in 1987) is a college student. Frank visited the Mvindeni Primary school. Frank has designed many websites. He also designed this website and will maintain it. Click here for more information about Frank


Hilda Anami (Kenya, born in 1986) is a graduated highschool student. Hilda is the younger sister of Rose and she writes about daily life in Ukunda and the educational, cultural, social and economic organization of the village. Click here for more information about Hilda.

Global SchoolNet is een "501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization"

Yvonne Andres, Al Rogers and Greg Fitzgerald
are the contact people at
Global SchoolNet (GSN). This Ukunda Project is a official GSN project. GSN is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization, that provides online learning activities that prepare students for the workforce and help them to become literate and responsible global citizens.


President Bush and 
GSN Executive Director, 
Yvonne Andres 
Copyright photo
© 2004 Global SchoolNet.

One of the GSN programs is "Friendship Through Education (FTE)". 
FTE is highly endorsed by President Bush (U.S.A.), Queen Noor of Jordan and others. FTE is a consortium of non-governmental organizations and private groups committed to connecting children from different nations in an effort to bridge cultures and broaden understanding. Read the White House Press release about FTE.

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